petak, 9. svibnja 2014.

Brakkebygrenda wagonplatz pred evikcijom

Od ponedjeljka, 12. maja priprema se evikcija, kao i obrana prostora! Podrzite na bilo koji nacin, budite solidarni,  dijelite vijest ...

Evo malo o projektu na engleskom

Brakkebygrenda: is an autonomous wagonplace (were trucks, buses and caravans serve as living units) on squatted land, in Gamlebyen, Oslo. We have been here since 1999, Focusing on city-ecology; recycling, less consum, and a more social housing-politics. It is important for us to be an active participator in this city, to claim our rights to have a voice in the development of it, and to prove in action that there are sustainable, functional and positive alternatives to consumerism and apathy.
Squatting: consists of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied area of land and/or a building.
Author Robert Neuwirth suggests that there are one billion squatters globally, that is, about one in every seven people on the planet. Yet, according to Kesia Reeve, «squatting is largely absent from policy and
academic debate and is rarely conceptualized, as a problem, as a symptom, or as a social or
housing movement.
It is about taking your situation in your own hands, either being tired of status quo and lack of
alternatives or out of pure necessity. Be it foodproduction, housing, or social/cultural meetingplaces.
Housing-politics: There is an anti-social housing-politics in Oslo. Governmental and communal property is beeing sold out in a big scale, on the private market, which gives these people the possibility to
continouisly higher the housing prices and maximize their economical profit. This in the end excludes
young, old, unemployed, artists, poor and immigrants out of the housing market. This are forcing them to
use most of their time and resources just to provide a decent place to live, and forcing them out of the
city center. It is a human right to have a place to live, and we do not agree that this city is going to
be only for people earning a certain amount of money.

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